Sobotské námestie 27, 058 01 Poprad

Otváracie hodiny: Po-Ne 11:30 - 21:00

Home sweet home.

This is the reason why we did our best to make every detail make you feel like home.

Make yourself at home

Extremely soft carpets, you can walk on as barefoot on the flowering meadow, or the smell of our oak floors and solid furniture. Mattress of the highest quality you can imagine. Curtains made of hand-woven linen, blankets and pillows filled with the goose feathers. You can find all this in the 780-year-old house full of arches built for you by gothic and medieval masters.

Step in and accommodate

Enjoy dinner with friends

The tasting menus put together by our team are characterised by an impressive combination and variety of flavours, high quality products and their presentation. We follow the seasons as nature evolves, which in turn determines the composition of the dishes themselves. Our mission is to create flavours that appeal to all your senses.

Enter and taste Obedove menu

Adult friendly

We are an adult-friendly facility and here, you won't find any playroom or changing room, kids menu or kids accessories in any room. 
Your children are all welcome, however, our offer is not suited for them.
Pieces of art, design furniture in connection with the gastronomy have ambitions to engage mostly adult audience. 
We believe that you will appreciate our efforts to create a perfect place for you to experience a great stay and relax. 

Step in and accommodate